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Hailing from the snowy state that coined the phrase “dontchya know” (Minneapolis, Minnesota), MiKayla is a recent graduate from Penn State University with a BFA in Musical Theatre. Since starting her career at the age of 16, she has worked continually at some of the best theaters throughout the Twin Cities - including the Children's Theatre Company, Illusion Theater, and the History Theatre.

In recent years, MiKayla became highly interested in new works after originating the role of Judith in Love In Hate Nation with Joe Iconis and working with Kirsten Childs in The Lucky Boy as MC GRAMMA.


In addition to her love for theatre, MiKayla is known for her zero-waste lifestyle and incredible vegan culinary dishes that, to her friends’ surprise, aren’t always comprised of fresh-cut grass. She has a continuous passion for volunteer work and has worked around the Twin Cities in many venues from creating church camps to working with others with diverse-abilities.


You can often find MiKayla lingering in the ice-cream section of Walmart or screaming into a bucket of popcorn at the next big horror flick.





MiKayla plays Hazel in the national tour of Henry Box Brown


Henry Box Brown, the story of an 1850’s enslaved Virginia man who shipped himself to freedom in a box with the help of African American and white abolitionists. In this fusion of Gospel, R&B, blue grass and original negro spirituals, this musical celebrates the triumph of the human spirit.

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MiKayla plays Joy in Welcome to America: A Caribbean Musical.


The show explores the assimilation of a newly arrived undocumented Caribbean immigrant and the complex pursuit of achieving the American dream. 

Welcome to America:

A Caribbean Musical

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